Fun with fire safety: fire department puts education into tabletop game (2021/07/22)
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    Fun with fire safety: fire department puts education into tabletop game (2021/07/22)

    A new tabletop game educates players about fire safety as they amuse themselves. New Taipei Fire Department produced the game to help the public get educated on the latest tips for managing fires. But with its fun quiz questions and entertaining cartoons, this is one game you'll want to play again and again.

    A fire is a volatile situation. Small errors can mean the difference between life and death.

    Now New Taipei Fire Department has produced a tabletop game to educate the public about fire in a fun and memorable way.

    Here in the fire department conference room, games are an unusual sight. Each card offers a scenario that players have to decode and solve.

    How about this one? “Which of these objects is useless in a fire?” A fire extinguisher, a wet towel, a fire alarm, a fire door. We asked these pedestrians on the street.

    Ideas once taken as good practice might now be outdated, as new research and strategies emerge. Something you learned as a child might not be as accurate as you think. That’s why the fun revelations from this game are so important.

    Nien Chang-lin
    New Taipei Fire Department
    It explains in detail what to do if you encounter a fire. Through this game we want to make learning fun and get everyone talking about fire scenarios.

    Tabletop games are a great way to enjoy time with friends. Next time you sit down for a game, why not think of the fire department, and get a little safety training for free along with your amusement.
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    避免憾事再發生! 新北消防局推桌遊教防災







    [[新北市消防局火災預防科科員 粘長霖]]

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