Mountain tourism back in the spotlight (2020/06/03)
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    Mountain tourism back in the spotlight (2020/06/03)

    The Tourism Bureau had meant for 2020 to be the "Year of Mountain Tourism," but its promotions were put on hold with the outbreak of COVID-19. Now that the pandemic is tapering off, officials have announced a slate of events and itineraries centered on Taiwan's mountains. First up is a photo exhibit starring the splendor of mountains ranges across the island. In the second half of the year, the bureau will unveil package tours that showcase the beauty and cultural history that Taiwan's mountains have to offer.

    In this 30-second video featuring entertainer Antony Kuo, viewers go on a whirlwind tour of Taiwan’s breathtaking mountains. Months ago, the Tourism Bureau designated 2020 as the “Year of Mountain Tourism.” Now that the epidemic is easing, tourism officials have opened a photo exhibit featuring mountains at a department store. They hope to encourage more people to go visit Taiwan’s majestic highlands.

    Chi Wen-chung
    Deputy transport minister
    We want to offer opportunities for the people to gain a new appreciation of Taiwan’s scenery. It’s our hope that the end of the epidemic will be followed by a breakthrough for the tourism sector.

    Ms. Chou
    Department store representative
    We’re tossing out a brick to get a gem, so to speak. We hope this exhibit will give people a greater understanding of Taiwan’s mountains and wilderness. We are promoting a series of mountain itineraries. Through this photography exhibition, we want people to gain a broader appreciation of the incredible beauty of Taiwan’s mountains.

    In addition, the Tourism Bureau is organizing a mountain climb for Aug. 15. Hikers can join celebrity triathlete Joy Lee on a trip up New Taipei’s Guanyin Mountain. At a press conference on Wednesday, Lee invited people to sign up and demonstrated ways to stay safe from the coronavirus while hiking.

    Chi Wen-chung
    Deputy transport minister
    This is the time for us to take another look at our mountains, which are quite worth being proud of. We’ve created all sorts of itineraries so that people can go travel and enjoy the beauty of our mountains and forests.

    Taiwan has a wealth of incredible mountain ranges. With the epidemic easing, the government is promoting safety-first tours that give a glimpse into that spectacular alpine scenery.
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    響應"脊梁山脈旅遊年" 觀光局邀民眾爬山



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