US warplanes fly near Taiwan as PLA wraps up live-fire drills. (2019/08/30)
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    US warplanes fly near Taiwan as PLA wraps up live-fire drills. (2019/08/30)

    The United States dispatched three warplanes on missions around Taiwan on Thursday, in what was viewed as a show of strength against Beijing. The flights took place as the Chinese People's Liberation Army finished a series of live-fire drills in the East China Sea. Military analysts say that the U.S. movements reflect positively on the state of Taiwan-U.S. ties.

    In the East China Sea, the PLA staged live-fire drills to protest Washington's plan to sell F-16Vs to Taiwan. The U.S. responded Thursday, dispatching three warplanes on missions around Taiwan.

    Eric Shih
    Military analyst
    This series of Chinese military actions left the U.S. no choice but to do it this way, at this particular place and time. It had to remind China's PLA and its leadership that the American military is a player here. It's what the U.S. has long said: "We are still here."

    The expert says that the U.S. has been sending a clear warning to China. Last week, a U.S. navy research vessel crossed the Taiwan Strait and made a port call at Keelung. The PLA wrapped up its live-fire drills yesterday, which was also the day Chinese troops entered Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Taiwan's defense ministry made a statement about the U.S. warplanes, saying it had monitored their activities from start to finish.

    Eric Shih
    Military analyst
    In this case, the fact that the government made the statement unprompted gives people the sense that the R.O.C. military has a degree of cooperation with the U.S. military in this region - that both parties have some sort of alliance.

    Under the Tsai Ing-wen administration, Taiwan-U.S. relations have been at their best in recent years. Through a variety of actions, the U.S. has made clear its interest in working with Taiwan to ensure the stability of the Taiwan Strait.

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    用行動力挺台! 美3軍機同天繞行台灣周邊



    [[軍事專家 施孝瑋]]
    "中國一系列的軍事動作,讓美軍必須要在這個區域,這個時候以這樣的方式,來提醒中國解放軍,或是提醒中南海的執政者,美軍基本上它的軍力依然在這邊,就是美軍長期以往常說的,We are still here. "


    [[軍事專家 施孝瑋]]

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