The Formosa Alliance to hold founding ceremony tomorrow (2018/04/06)
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    The Formosa Alliance to hold founding ceremony tomorrow (2018/04/06)

    A new alliance pushing for a referendum on Taiwan independence, and Taiwan's entry to the UN under the name "Taiwan", will hold its official launch tomorrow in Kaohsiung. Co-sponsors of the Formosa Alliance include two former Taiwanese presidents. It is supported by many pro-independence politicians and hundreds of prominent overseas Taiwanese.

    Former President Lee Teng-hui received Formosa Alliance founder Kuo Pei-hung, formerly a major figure in World United Formosans for Independence. The Formosa Alliance, also known as Formosa Island, will be formally founded tomorrow on Taiwan’s “Freedom of Speech” day, and Lee will be the VIP closing speaker. Kuo also visited former President Chen Shui-bian at his home to ask him to attend. Other joint sponsors expected to be present tomorrow include noted democracy activist Professor Peng Ming-min, and former Premier Yu Shyi-kun.

    The overseas Taiwanese community has also responded enthusiastically. 1350 prominent overseas Taiwanese have published an open letter calling for the new alliance to establish overseas chapters. They support the call for a referendum on Taiwanese independence and Taiwan’s entry into the UN under the name “Taiwan.” They also asked lawmakers to immediately amend the referendum law so that a nation with the name of “Taiwan” can finally be established.

    Kuo Pei-hung (February 28)
    Formosa Alliance founder
    How shall we make the other 190-odd countries of the world recognize Taiwan as a normal country? The referendum is a worldwide trend now. If a region’s residents can express their wishes through a referendum, most countries will respect it.

    On February 28, Kuo called for a referendum to show Taiwan’s determination to pursue normalization of its national status. Formosa Alliance plans to arrange for an independence vote on April 6 next year, a day before the thirtieth anniversary of the self-immolation of democracy activist Cheng Nan-jung. They hope it would give the people of Taiwan a way to determine their nation’s status and its future.

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    喜樂島聯盟明成立 海外1350位僑領連署支持




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