Spat over 1992 Consensus continues as election nears (2011/12/23)
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    Spat over 1992 Consensus continues as election nears (2011/12/23)

    President Ma Ying-jeou has continued to attack his main rival for the presidency Tsai Ing-wen over her non-acceptance of a divisive agreement between Taiwan and China known as the 1992 Consensus. And, although former President Lee Teng-hui has consistently denied the existence of the so-called consensus, Ma attempted to say that it was Lee’s administration that first recognized the contentious accord.

    In a print media interview published yesterday, President Ma once again spoke about the controversial 1992 Consensus. He repeated his criticism made during the first presidential debate of Tsai Ing-wen saying that her non-acceptance of the so-called consensus is equivalent to non-acceptance of the Republic of China.

    Ma Ying-jeou (Dec. 3)
    In the year 2000, President Chen Shui-bian wanted to recognize the ’92 Consensus but (Tsai Ing-wen) came out to deny it. The 1992 Consensus was personally put together by President Lee Teng-hui. The one China in the “One China-each side with its own interpretation” is the Republic of China. What is wrong with that?

    Back at that time, Tsai had this answer for the president.

    Tsai Ing-wen (Dec. 3)
    DPP Presidential Candidate
    I want to tell President Ma, you say “One China-each side with its own interpretation” but I have never heard China say anything like that. In 1992 there were the 1992 Talks but, there was no consensus. Even Taiwan’s chief representative Mr. Koo Chen-fu has said so.

    Also, after the debate, former President Lee Teng-hui wrote on his Facebook page that there is no ’92 Consensus. Then, after seeing Ma’s latest interview Lee released a statement that said Ma is distorting history and deceiving the people of Taiwan.

    In addition, DPP Spokesman Chen Chi-mai said that Tsai has already made her stance clear. Taiwan is the Republic of China. Chen added that he hopes Ma will not use the issue of national identity to stir up ethnic strife.
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    [[國民黨總統候選人 馬英九(12.3)]]
    “2000年的時候,陳水扁總統一度要承認(九二共識),可是她(蔡英文)跳出來否認, 九二共識由李前總統親自拍板定案, 一中各表的"一中"是中華民國這有什麼不對呢”


    [[民進黨總統候選人 蔡英文(12.3)]]
    “我要告訴馬總統說,你說九二共識就是一中各表,我沒聽過中國說過這樣的話, 九二年是有九二會談,但是真的沒有九二共識,連當時參與談判的辜振甫先生,都說沒有”


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