Cabinet tipped for reshuffle as 9-in-1 elections loom (2018/07/11)
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    Cabinet tipped for reshuffle as 9-in-1 elections loom (2018/07/11)

    With the nine-in-one local elections approaching, it's been reported that Premier Lai Ching-te will announce a cabinet reshuffle next Monday. At least four ministers are expected to be replaced. In addition, the premier will name a new minister of education, a post that's been vacant for more than a month.

    As soon as the press asked about a cabinet reshuffle, President Tsai made her way quickly into the conference room. The same question was met with denial by those whose names have come under the spotlight.

    Current Legislator-at-Large Kolas Yotaka has been tipped to be named cabinet spokesperson.

    The current Cabinet Spokesman Hsu Kuo-yung will reportedly replace Yeh Jiunn-rong, who has not performed satisfactorily as minister of the interior, especially in the task of reclaiming KMT assets from the National Women's League. The leaders of the Justice and Transportation Ministries, as well as the Council of Agriculture, are also likely to be removed. As for the Ministry of Finance, Sheu Yu-jer is seen to have completed his mission and will be replaced by his deputy.

    Ho Hsin-chun
    DPP Legislator
    I’ve been saying for quite a while that the cabinet needs a reshuffle, one that will deal with agency heads who have strayed from the public’s expectations. What needs to be adjusted should be adjusted, so the reshuffle should take place. As to who will be affected, we’re not sure yet.

    Lin Chia-lung
    Taichung Mayor
    A political appointee, and in particular a minister, should be able to get close to the grassroots. In the last year or two, the DPP government has accomplished many things, but if these officials don’t get out there, people won’t know about these accomplishments. So we need be active rather than passive.

    With the nine-in-one local elections looming on the horizon, the Cabinet’s reshuffle could be a bid to strengthen the ruling party’s position.

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    戰鬥內閣下週一就位? 5部1會首長換將





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