Record store beats odds with an offering of oldies but goodies (2018/09/12)
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    Record store beats odds with an offering of oldies but goodies (2018/09/12)

    In the age of YouTube and music streaming services, record stores around the world have been closing up one after the other. But one entrepreneur in Taiwan is drawing a steady stream of customers with a record store that sells only the classics. Amid a gloomy climate for CD purchases, he's bucking the odds by giving customers not only music, but an opportunity to revisit their memories.

    Gently put on a vinyl record and a Dave Wong classic will transport you back to the 1980s.

    The store is not only decorated with posters autographed by music legends -- one wall is devoted to feedback that fans wrote for CDs they’d bought. Customers that come through the doors often end up staying for an hour.

    This record shop only sells pop music classics from the west and east that date before the year 2000. Here, people find phonograph records and CDs of tunes from their younger days.

    Chan Hung-hsiang
    Record shop owner
    These records are the roots of Taiwan’s pop music. I think that preserving these roots is something that’s very important. These songs are from our childhood; they’re our first kisses and our years as students. Many customers come here and they’re so happy to see something that’s vanished reappear before their eyes.

    As music streaming rose in popularity, vinyl records have slowly faded away. This entrepreneur is going against the grain by allowing consumers to enjoy not just music merchandise, but memories as well.
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    唱片行紛紛收攤 業者逆勢操作賣起"老唱片"





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