AI composer program promises to make song creation as easy as 1, 2, 3 (2020/11/24)
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    AI composer program promises to make song creation as easy as 1, 2, 3 (2020/11/24)

    Artificial intelligence engineers have created an AI composition program that could save novice musicians hours of grief. The app automatically suggests a whole range of lyrics, tunes and arrangements that anybody can easily edit into a complete song. Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang has thrown her voice behind the project.

    Digital Minister Audrey Tang picks up a microphone to sing a song she composed herself.

    Even the rap is her own creation. But she did get a little help from an AI. A tech startup has released an AI composer program that lets novices with no musical training create complete songs.

    Audrey Tang
    Digital Minister
    As far as I’m concerned, the lyrics weren’t hard because I’m a writer anyway. But composing songs is not my forte. So, with the help of the AI - it gives you four or five suggested tunes all at once. Even if you don’t choose any of them, at least they can serve as inspiration.

    This composer bot is not like your average composing app. The main difference is that it automatically suggests a variety of combinations of lyrics, tunes, and arrangements. The user can combine them all as they like and then edit different versions into the final piece. For music creators, it’s a massive timesaver.

    You’ve made a chord progression, and then it gives you a tune, and you can arrange it and fiddle with it. It saves you the time of coming up with the first draft yourself.

    And that’s not all - the program uses open source blockchain technology, helping make music creation more transparent and reducing the likelihood of copyright disputes down the line. Music made easy.
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    [[行政院數位政委 唐鳳]]
    “對我來講 想出這些詞不難,因為我本來就是寫字的,但編曲就不是我的強項,那在AI協助之下一次建議4.5種編曲,就算你每一種都不採用,至少它也是一個靈感。”



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