Taipei mayor advocates creating a ‘sponge city’ that can capture water (2015/03/26)
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    Taipei mayor advocates creating a ‘sponge city’ that can capture water (2015/03/26)

    Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has proposed turning Taipei into a “sponge city” by creating roads and public plazas that can capture water. The plan hopes to prevent flooding, conserve water and cool down the city’s hot surfaces.

    A park office official lifts open a metal cover, revealing a storage bin half-filled with water. This “rainwater piggy bank” system, located in Guangci Park in Taipei, stores 18 cubic meters of rainwater that can be used to water plants and clean streets.

    Wang Ke-ren
    Nangang Park Office Deputy Director
    A day or two after the rain ends, we quickly collect the accumulated water and use it so that it doesn’t overflow or serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

    That system was developed under Taipei’s previous mayor Hau Lung-bin. Incumbent mayor Ko Wen-je wants to extend the system to the city’s roads and plazas to store rainwater and dissipate surface heat when it gets hot.

    Ko Wen-je
    Taipei Mayor
    We can’t let Taipei become like a cement pavement. Roads should be permeable and allow rainwater to seep into the ground. If the sun comes out, the water can evaporate. Simply put, it would turn Taipei into a sponge that can dissipate heat.

    Ko offered no details on how the road system would be designed. For now, “rainwater piggy banks” are planned for Daan Forest Park and Zhongqiang Park and expected to be completed by the end of the year.
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    廣設"雨撲滿" 柯P:打造台北成"海綿城市"



    [[公園處南港所副主任 王克仁]]


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