TSMC reportedly considering building new 3-nanometer fab in US, prompting Cabinet response (2017/03/20)
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    TSMC reportedly considering building new 3-nanometer fab in US, prompting Cabinet response (2017/03/20)

    TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip maker, is reportedly leaning towards building its planned 3-nanometer chip fabrication plant in the United States, rather than Taiwan. TSMC said in a statement that it would make a decision on the location of the plant in the middle of next year, but the report has already prompted the Cabinet to come out and address TSMC’s alleged concerns head-on. ##

    The Cabinet announced its 8-year infrastructure outlook at a press conference earlier today. The report came out three days earlier than originally planned, in what was widely interpreted as an attempt to respond to news that TSMC might build its 3-nanometer chip fab in the US.

    Hsu Kuo-yung
    Cabinet Spokesman
    The government wants to create a favorable environment for domestic corporations to remain in Taiwan. The focus of our infrastructure outlook is on creating that sort of environment, so that TSMC can continue to invest in Taiwan.

    Reports said that TSMC had originally been planning to build the new 3-nanometer plant in Kaohsiung’s Southern Taiwan Science Park. But the time needed to complete environmental impact assessments, together with concerns over air pollution and electricity outages in the area, had allegedly convinced the company to prepare a contingency plan. Central and municipal authorities scrambled to convince the firm to stay in Taiwan.

    Lee Chih-kung
    Economics Minister
    Water and electricity issues are the responsibility of the Economics Ministry. There are still five years to complete water and electricity infrastructure in the area, and our current plans should be able to sufficiently address these problems.

    Chen Chu
    Kaohsiung Mayor
    We understand the process behind environmental impact assessments. We are already working on parts of the assessments and are doing all we can to prevent any unnecessary difficulties. We heartily welcome TSMC to Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan.

    One expert warned that if TSMC were to move to the US, it could set off a serious chain reaction.

    Liu Pei-jen
    TIER Associate Researcher
    TSMC currently accounts for up to 38 percent of output in the domestic semiconductor sector, and it accounts for more than 60 percent of profits by companies in the sector. If TSMC moves its core investments in advanced manufacturing processes to the US, it would have a negative effect on competition throughout Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. The effects could ripple through the supply chain, from testing and packaging facilities to providers of materials and equipment. Its decision on where to move investment will be closely followed.

    TSMC, for its part, released a statement saying it was still evaluating possible sites for its factory and would make a decision in the first half of next year.
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