Vice president discusses timeline for COVID-19 R&D (2020/03/26)
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    Vice president discusses timeline for COVID-19 R&D (2020/03/26)

    At research labs around the world, the race is on to produce a cure and vaccine for COVID-19. Vice President Chen Chien-jen says Taiwan is working on a vaccine, but that it will be at least a year before it clears clinical trials. He says a potential treatment could be ready for mass production within six months. Taiwan researchers are also developing a screening test that gets results in just 15 minutes. Vice President Chen says the government wants the test ready for market in three months.

    Two red lines appear on the paper strip, indicating a positive for COVID-19. This quick test was developed by Academia Sinica. Vice President Chen said he wanted the tool to hit the market quickly.

    Chen Chien-jen
    Vice president
    As they say, “What if. What if the disease entered the community and all the patients rushed to the open health centers?” At such a time, we would need rapid diagnostic tests. So I hope these rapid diagnostic tests will be ready in the coming two to three months.

    Huang Li-min
    Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan
    Domestically, the biggest obstacle is clinical trials. There are not enough subjects with the disease, so domestic testing and verification are difficult. That’s a hurdle in the process. If you’re able to bring in patient samples from overseas, then it’s more doable. You’d be able to bring it to market faster.

    Prevention is better than cure. Around the world, countries including Taiwan are racing to produce a vaccine.

    Chen Chien-jen
    Vice president
    Vaccines are administered on healthy people, so they are held to stricter standards.
    Currently they are still in the animal testing phase. I think that it will be another year or one and a half years before a vaccine is ready.

    Turning to COVID-19 treatments. Chen said the goal was for an anti-viral drug to enter mass production, just in time to treat patients who test positive in the new quick tests. He said that given the current state of drug development, Taiwan should be able to mass produce with half a year.

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    陳建仁:武漢肺炎快篩劑 有望三個月內量產


    試紙上 ,顯示兩條線,是中研院的快篩試劑,抓到武肺病毒最佳證明。副總統陳建仁期望這款利器,加速問世。

    [[副總統 陳建仁]]

    [[台灣感染症醫學會理事長 黃立民]]


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