80% percent of salaried workers in debt, owing NT$2.28 million on average (2018/10/11)
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    80% percent of salaried workers in debt, owing NT$2.28 million on average (2018/10/11)

    How bad is Taiwan's household debt? A new survey shows that 80% of salaried workers are stuck in debt as they struggle to pay off mortgages and car loans on comparatively weak wages. According to the survey, many Taiwanese are taking on part-time jobs or even more loans to stay afloat.

    Ms. Chiang’s paycheck is NT$25,000 a month. That barely makes a dent in her mortgage and car loan, so she juggles side jobs for extra income.

    Ms. Chiang
    Administrative assistant
    My monthly loan repayments add up to nearly NT$40,000. Aside from my regular job, I also do part-time work as a salesperson, a TV extra, and a sub. I get less than four hours of sleep a night.

    There are many people like Ms. Chiang, who take on part-time jobs to pay off their debts. A survey carried out by a job bank found that over 80 percent of salaried workers are in debt, owing an average of NT$2.28 million. Among them, 28 percent do nine days of part-time work a month on top of their regular jobs.

    Ho Chi-sheng
    Job bank manager
    The number of debt-burdened people goes down each year, while the total amount owed goes up. The main reason is a rise in the consumer index, as well as a change in the lending patterns of financial institutions.

    Amid a declining birth rate, the number of people carrying student loans dropped by 50,000 year-on-year in 2018, but the average amount of debt rose by more than NT$7,600. That number reflects an increase in the cost of living. Consumers are urged to borrow only within their means to avoid getting trapped in a cycle of debt.

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