The KMT’s Zeng Li-yan wins vote for Kaohsiung City Council speaker (2020/07/31)
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    The KMT’s Zeng Li-yan wins vote for Kaohsiung City Council speaker (2020/07/31)

    The KMT's Zeng Li-yan was confirmed on Friday as the new Kaohsiung City Council Speaker after she defeated the DPP's Chang Sheng-fu in a 35-27 vote. The post she took up had been vacated when the previous speaker, also a KMT member, fell mysteriously to his death from a tall building immediately after Mayor Han Kuo-yu's recall in June.

    The DPP's candidate, Chang, was flanked by colleagues as he entered the council chamber, ready for battle.

    Then the KMT's candidate marched in: four-term Kaohsiung City Council veteran Zeng.

    Before the vote, the two sides shook hands politely. What ensued was a fierce competition. Both parties had mobilized their councilors and the chamber was packed full. Sixty-five councilors attended the session and cast a vote. In the end, Zeng won 35-27 with a difference of just eight votes. It was nothing short of the expected as the KMT holds a majority in the council.

    Zeng Li-yan
    Newly elected Kaoshiung Council speaker
    The first thing, after the election is over of course, is the mayoral by-election, which is very important. There are only 15 days left. I will lead our councilors from all 38 districts to fight in our mayoral campaign.

    The KMT holds only 32 city council seats, but Zeng also gained four votes from Non Partisan Solidarity Union councilors. Zeng should have won 36 votes but there was an unexpected mishap involving one of the ballots.

    Tsai Chin-yen
    KMT Kaohsiung City Councilor
    I gave my vote to Speaker Zeng but it turned out the ballot paper had ripped and they said it didn't count.

    Huang Chin-ping
    Kaohsiung City Council Secretary General
    The place close to the upper edge was a little damaged. Maybe it ripped by accident.

    In addition, New Power Party councilor Lin Yu-kai voted for himself. His colleague Huang Jie also voted for him, meaning that the minority party nabbed two votes.

    Lin Yu-kai
    New Power Party councilor
    Of course we hope that in future we can become a minority party that holds the balance of power in the Kaohsiung City Council.

    Zeng was able to successfully emerge from this political storm to smoothly win the coveted speaker's position. KMT chairman Johnny Chiang, who once said he feared his party would be unable to hold onto the post under his leadership, must be breathing a sigh of relief.
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    原本可拿36票「被勾破」 高市議長補選曾麗燕保位成功





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