President Tsai unveils government agency for building cultural brand (2019/11/08)
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    President Tsai unveils government agency for building cultural brand (2019/11/08)

    Officials have unveiled a government agency tasked with building up Taiwan's cultural brand. It's called the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, and it will be chaired by the deputy minister of culture. Its first order of business will be to promote Taiwanese films and TV productions, and to accelerate private investment in the creative industry.

    President Tsai Ing-wen, the minister of culture, and deputy culture minister Ting Hsiao-ching shared a stage to unveil the Taiwan Creative Content Agency.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    The Taiwan Creative Content Agency will become an important intermediary institution for the government, civil society, and industries. The Taiwan Creative Content Agency will marshal resources that will be used to support creative talent, thereby building a cultural brand for Taiwan. It will give good works and good talent a chance to be seen by the world.

    Cheng Li-chiun
    Culture minister
    This five-year medium-term plan has been approved by the Executive Yuan, and it has a budget of NT$10 billion. Through the Ministry of Culture, that plan will promote the development of the cultural industry and showcase Taiwan’s culture and soft power.

    Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun said her ministry and the agency would work hand-in-hand to support new cultural content. There will be two new five-year projects with a total budget of NT$20 billion. One project will promote film and television. The other will boost private investment in the cultural industry.

    Liao Ji-fang
    FTV general manager
    We are very interested in bidding for these joint ventures with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency. We hope to be able to help drive a national trend, to produce many good programs and a variety of audiovisual content.

    At the ceremony, President Tsai called for creatives and investors at home and abroad to collaborate with the agency, to bring Taiwan’s cultural content out to the world.

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    打造「文化新台流」 文策院揭牌正式成立



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