Vietnamese in Taiwan fear an anti-Vietnam backlash may soon ensue (2014/05/14)
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    Vietnamese in Taiwan fear an anti-Vietnam backlash may soon ensue (2014/05/14)

    Taiwanese and Vietnamese enjoy a close relationship, with many local foreign brides and laborers coming from Vietnam. These immigrants and guests fear a backlash due to the anti-China riots in their native country.

    Wu Kun-ling is the second-generation owner of a local Vietnamese restaurant. At the age of 13, she came with her father from Vietnam to Taiwan to open this restaurant. Later, she married a Taiwanese person. She worries that the relationship between Taiwan and Vietnam could change due to recent events.

    Wu Kun-ling
    Vietnamese Restaurant Owner
    I think there is some misunderstanding, like many believe that Taiwan is the same as China. Actually, Taiwan is a democratic country and different from mainland China.

    Another person who shares her same concern is Yan Pei-ying, who is from Vietnam and works for the Ministry of Immigration. When she heard the startling news of violent anti-China protests, she urged her family and friends to look out for their safety and not get involved.

    Yan Pei-ying
    Vietnamese Immigrant
    I told friends not to participate in these bad activities.

    Upwards of 90,000 foreign brides in Taiwan are from Vietnam. After adding students and laborers, the total number of Vietnamese living here exceeds 400,000. They are closely monitoring the situation and hoping that Taiwanese can be sympathetic to their plight.
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