Over 94,000 fowl slaughtered amid bird-flu fears (2017/02/17)
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    Over 94,000 fowl slaughtered amid bird-flu fears (2017/02/17)

    More than 94,000 fowl were slaughtered last night at a Taipei wholesale poultry market after Council of Agriculture Minister Lin Tsung-hsien announced a ban on the transportation of poultry to prevent the spread of bird flu, aside from chickens raised indoors. The mass cull of fowl was conducted overnight, before the slaughterhouse was shut down and disinfected today. Generally, the markets and poultry farmers have been caught by surprise by Lin’s announcement.

    Epidemic-prevention experts held disinfectant sprays as they sanitized this slaughterhouse at a Taipei market. After this, it will be closed for seven days to prevent a bird flu epidemic.

    In response to a weeklong ban from the Council of Agriculture on the transportation of poultry, slaughterhouse employees had been up all night killing all their livestock.

    The Taipei City Animal Protection Office also sent officials to monitor the cull all night to ensure not a single chicken was overlooked.

    Hu Chin-chao
    Taipei City Animal Protection Office
    Each fowl must undergo a pre-mortem inspection by specialized veterinarians and if any abnormalities are discovered, they must notify our epidemic prevention unit and we will handle the matter immediately on the spot.

    However, the public is questioning why the Council of Agriculture has not imposed these measures on poultry raised indoors. They wonder if this means the ban on transport of fowl only amounts to a half-hearted attempt

    Lin Tsung-hsian
    Agriculture Minister
    We are not taking this lightly. We are not the way we were two years ago -- completely inexperienced and in a rush. And so, during this period, we hope that agricultural authorities from local governments everywhere will work to guide to entire industry.

    The council says chickens raised indoors are in a much more sanitary environment and the risk of infection is low. Even though there is a seven-day ban on the transportation of poultry, there will be a supply of chicken meat.

    There are also worries that dishonest farmers might slaughter their own fowl and sell their meat illegally. The COA has warned that the maximum penalty for this is a fine of NT$100,000.

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    連夜宰殺逾9.4萬隻雞 屠宰場關閉消毒





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