Consumer watchdog warns on the dangers of laptop radiation (2018/09/12)
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    Consumer watchdog warns on the dangers of laptop radiation (2018/09/12)

    Concerned about laptop radiation? You should be. A local consumer watchdog received a complaint from a consumer who experienced finger pain after only an hour of laptop use. Tests carried out by the group show that even without connecting to the internet, laptops can deliver a dose of radiation that's a thousand times above the background level. The group wants laptop makers to help protect consumers by labeling devices with radiation warning labels.

    This hand-held radiation detector delivers startling results, as the value on the counter shoots up to 40,000 microwatts. A local watchdog called Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association, or TEPCA, ran this radiation test on a range of commercially available notebooks, after a consumer complained of stinging fingers after an hour of laptop use.

    Nien Li-yu
    TEPCA head
    Without Wi-Fi, or in airplane mode, the electromagnetic radiation measurement can be reduced to the single digits.

    Without Wi-Fi, the microwatts of laptop radiation can slip down to the single digits. Switch on the Wi-Fi and the radiation meter skyrockets to hazardous levels. Consumer watchdogs say that laptop manufacturers need to add a warning label about the radiation risk right on the device.

    Nien Li-yu
    TEPCA head
    The World Health Organization has said that before children’s skulls are fully developed, they are particularly vulnerable to developing brain cancer and leukemia if exposed long-term to radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves.

    Chen Chu-kuo
    Government metrology officer
    Currently, our regulations mainly pertain to levels of electromagnetic interference. These rules ensure that devices do not disturb the operations of other electronic devices. With regard to labels for laptop radiation, we’ll have to bring this back and assess the feasibility.

    TEPCA called on the Environmental Protection Administration to align with Germany in setting safety standards for indoor electromagnetic radiation. Germany has set a safe exposure range of 0 to 10 microwatts of radiation to protect the health of the public.

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    使用新筆電手指會痛? 電磁波飆到"萬"微瓦

    使用筆電產品,卻擔心電磁波的危害嗎?有民眾向NGO團體反映,使用新筆電1小時後,手指頭會痛! 因此相關單位檢測市售筆電的電磁波,結果發現筆電還沒上網就有超過約一千倍的電磁波,因此呼籲筆電業者要將電磁波標示在筆電上!


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    [[電磁輻射公害防治協會主任 粘麗玉]]

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