Pingtung County’s Pan Men-an tops local leader poll (2019/09/10)
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    Pingtung County’s Pan Men-an tops local leader poll (2019/09/10)

    Commonwealth Magazine has released an opinion poll ranking leaders of the cities, counties, and special municipalities. Pingtung Commissioner Pan Men-an topped the list, with an approval rating of about 77%. Last place went to Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, who narrowly beat out Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen for the distinction. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je ranked No. 20 out of 22.

    Anti-Han activists hold up a new ranking of local leaders. The Kaohsiung mayor was ranked last in Taiwan.

    Aaron Yin
    Wecare Kaohsiung founder
    The mayor who’s doing the worst job in Taiwan is him. You get an A+ for your tree-climbing skills, but your governance gets an F. You’re not doing well, so step down.

    Cheng Wen-tsan
    Taoyuan mayor
    I think that as a mayor, you have to stay focused and take everything one step at a time. If you run for president or take up some other job, you’ll certainly be distracted.

    The penultimate place went to Taichung Mayor Lu. Third-to-last went to Taipei Mayor Ko. No. 1 on the list is Commissioner Pan of Pingtung County. Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan ranked the highest out of the mayors of the six special municipalities, at No. 4 overall. The second most popular leader of a special municipality was New Taipei’s Hou You-yi, at No. 7. Hou is the highest rated KMT mayor.

    Pan Men-an
    Pingtung County commissioner
    Polls are a spur to action. Work silently, work at a measured pace, and work without pretensions. I think that’s just one of our simpler country ways.

    The results are out, fueling cheers and jeers. Han and Lu, who have led their cities for less than a year, trail the pack of local leaders. Taipei Mayor Ko fell from last year’s 12th place to this year’s 20th.

    The poll also showed Tsai Ing-wen would win a two-way in 2020 with 45.9% of the vote, ahead of Han’s 34.7%. Tsai would also come out on top in a three-way race, beating out Ko and Han with 31%.

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    22縣市施政滿意度 潘孟安奪冠.韓國瑜墊底



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