Taiwan health chief says AstraZeneca rollout to continue as planned (2021/03/16)
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    Taiwan health chief says AstraZeneca rollout to continue as planned (2021/03/16)

    The health minister says Taiwan still plans to use AstraZeneca's COVID vaccines, even as Europe closes ranks against the formula. This week Germany, France, and Spain announced a halt to the shots, amid reports of a blood clot risk after inoculation. Altogether there are now more than 15 countries that have called a halt to the vaccine, though the World Health Organization says there is no clear link between the vaccine and blood clots. Health minister Chen Shih-chung said Tuesday that the evidence still shows that the vaccine is safe, and that there are no plans to delay administration.

    More and more European nations are hitting pause on the AZ vaccine, amid reports of thrombosis and even death after inoculation. Following countries including Ireland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, Spain has announced a halt to its vaccination program.

    Pedro Sanchez
    Prime minister of Spain
    I think it's important at this point that the message we convey to European society as a whole is that we're ensuring the vaccination process is safe.

    European nations including Germany, France, and the Netherlands have put a hold on administration. So far more than 15 countries worldwide have suspended the vaccine, while another five countries have stopped using particular batches.

    Jens Spahn
    Germany health minister
    Today's decision is purely a precautionary measure.

    Emmanuel Macron
    French president
    The decision was taken in accordance with our European policy. We have decided to suspend the use of AstraZeneca and are hoping to resume it quickly if the EMA's guidance allows it.

    The World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency are scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the AZ vaccine. The WHO says that until an assessment is made, it still advises countries to continue using the vaccine.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
    WHO secretary-general
    This does not necessarily mean these events are linked to vaccination.

    For now, Taiwan's health chief says the country will carry on as planned.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    Basically at this time we believe that the vaccine is safe. Recently several countries have suspended administration. But that will have no impact on our timeline. Based on our surveys, there are about 60,000 health care workers willing to receive the vaccine in the first rollout.

    Meanwhile Thailand, which had suspended its AZ program for a safety investigation, has decided that its rollout will resume. Thailand's prime minister became the first to be inoculated Tuesday morning to boost public confidence in the vaccine.
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    AZ疫苗傳血栓多國停打 陳時中:施打不受影響



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