Taiwan’s top coroner Yang Jih-sung passes away, aged 84 (2011/11/23)
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    Taiwan’s top coroner Yang Jih-sung passes away, aged 84 (2011/11/23)

    Taiwan’s top coroner, Yang Jih-sung died of cancer at the age of 84 today. Known as the Sherlock Holmes of Taiwan, Yang has been a respected expert in the field of forensics for over half a century. Often considered a national treasure in his profession, Yang retired more than ten years ago, but remained active as a consultant.

    Originating from Miaoli and of Hakka descent, Yang studied medicine and worked in the forensics field, despite local taboos, for over half a century. He was one of Taiwan’s most authoritative coroners, solving some of the nation’s most puzzling murders.

    Yang Jih-sung
    Former Chief Coroner
    When we examine cadavers, we are as punctual as trains–minute by minute, second by second.

    Yang performed tens of thousands of anatomical dissections. He retired in 1997, but remained an advisor to his colleagues with ceasing.

    Judy Cheng
    CIB, Forensic ID Division Chief
    We never forget him when we have office gatherings. He’s like a treasure to us, like having a national treasure in our own home, because he is the national treasure of forensics. He’s a cornerstone.

    Yang Jih-sung
    Former Chief Coroner
    You have to be honest with cadavers, honest with friends, superiors, and subordinates. If you have no honesty, you cannot be honest toward a cadaver. Those without honesty should not become forensic pathologists.

    Yang’s professionalism has been praised throughout the justice and forensics field. His Sherlock Holmes-like ability to solve cases also made him a legend of criminal investigations.
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