Cleanest factory in Taiwan makes world-beating sterile medical masks (2020/08/13)
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    Cleanest factory in Taiwan makes world-beating sterile medical masks (2020/08/13)

    Let's make a visit now to Taiwan's most fastidiously maintained mask factory. In order to comply with the European Union's stringent cleanliness standards, this factory is run as a completely sterile clean room. That means even sending a reporter inside is no mean feat.

    The machines are on 24/7. Meltblown and nonwoven fabric layers roll into the production line and come out folded and cut into the right shape. This mask factory aims for the highest standard of sterility.

    Our reporter dons a full-body suit and goes through a long series of steps to gain entry to Taiwan’s only fully sterile mask factory floor.

    Lin Shan-ting
    FTV reporter
    Inside this mask factory, because they’re creating a sterile environment, reporters have to wear this fully sterile protective suit, and workers are also fully kit up.

    There’s no chance for any microbes to stick to the masks. The air piped into the room is strictly controlled: kept below 25 degrees Celsius and 45% humidity, to achieve a “sterile clean room” status.

    Huang Chuan-sheng
    R and R Medical CEO
    In there we have these HEPA air filters, and also anti-bacterial and anti-viral facilities within the room.

    These “particle counters” monitor the presence of any remaining specks of dust or microbes.

    Huang Chuan-sheng
    R and R Medical CEO
    In Taiwan they don’t test the microbes or the germs. In the E.U. they require that masks have a microbial cleanliness rating of “30 CFU” or under. That means it will be very hard for your masks sent to the E.U. to pass the test, unless your factory is extremely clean or it’s a space that you’re disinfecting.

    It feels more like a medical-grade pharmaceutical factory than a normal industrial space. Foreign media outlets have visited to report on its winning of FDA and E.U. safety certificates.

    The space took tens of millions of NT to build, while each mask sells for just five or six dollars. But no price can be put on the value of a human life.
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    直擊口罩國家隊! 無塵室打造高品質口罩




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