November wage growth sets 19-year record (2019/01/11)
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    November wage growth sets 19-year record (2019/01/11)

    The average monthly regular earnings of workers rose to over NT$41,000 last November. That's according to the latest salary report by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics. Last November, the year-on-year growth in wages was 2.56 percent, which is the highest in almost 19 years. But analysts say this record increase is largely offset by a rise in consumer prices.

    These bank employees are in celebration mode at their year-end weiya banquet, where it's just been announced that they're all getting raises.

    According to a new government report, the average monthly wage last November was NT$41,249. That's 2.56 percent higher than the year before, and it's the biggest paycheck seen in any November in the nearly 19 years. Not only that, the average regular earnings from January to November of last year stood at NT$40,939, marking a year-on-year increase of 2.61 percent - the most in nearly 18 years.

    Gordon Sun
    TIER Economic Forecasting Center
    Taiwan's wages have risen by about 2 percent. Compared to previous years, that's not bad. The market economy has grown by 2 percent, and wages have also grown by 2 percent. That's good news the government can report to the public. The bad news is that last year, inflation was relatively high for consumer prices.

    So salaries are rising, but the cost of living is also going up. Last year consumer prices rose by 1.5 percent, putting a big dent in salary raises. Even with wages moving up at a record rate, workers still say it's not enough.

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