Transport ministry finalizes NT$1,500 travel subsidy for older adults (2020/11/26)
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    Transport ministry finalizes NT$1,500 travel subsidy for older adults (2020/11/26)

    The Tourism Bureau has finalized a hotel subsidy plan for older adults who travel over the Lunar New Year holiday. Those aged over 55 can get a subsidy for staying in any hotel in greater Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan and Hsinchu. Their booking will need to fall between Feb. 8 and 13. And they'll have to make their way to the hotel by taking a train, the high-speed rail, or a coach bus.

    Each person can apply for up to NT$1,500 a night, for up to four nights. That's a maximum savings of NT$6,000. If you book a hotel in Taipei City, you'll get an additional NT$1,000 subsidy from the city government, making for total savings of NT$7,000 for four nights. However, this Taipei City subsidy is only available to those who live outside of Northern Taiwan.
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    瞄準春節商機 赴六縣市旅遊可獲孝親專案補助

    觀光局春節孝親專案定案,挑選符合住宿衰退率超過三成的縣市 : 雙北地區、基隆桃園和新竹縣市,明年春節2月8號到13號,只要年滿55歲以上,從外縣市搭乘台鐵、高鐵或國道客運前往這六縣市,就可申請專案補助。

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