To boost his son’s mayoral campaign, former VP attacks opponent’s ancestors (2014/11/17)
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    To boost his son’s mayoral campaign, former VP attacks opponent’s ancestors (2014/11/17)

    Former Vice President Lien Chan has placed himself at the center of his son’s Taipei mayoral election campaign. But Lien’s strategy of criticizing lead contender Ko Wen-je’s grandfather, who died more than half a century ago, has led to criticism of its own.

    In order to support the election campaign of KMT Taipei candidate Sean Lien, KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan has gone on the attack. He not only called independent candidate Ko a scoundrel but also suggested that Ko’s long dead ancestors were traitors.

    Voice of Lien Chan
    KMT Honorary Chairman
    Ko Wen-je comes from a family that held official posts during the Japanese colonial period. As disciples of Japanization, they changed their name. If I remember correctly, they took the Aoyama family name. Aoyama Wen-je is now running to serve as our Taipei mayor.

    A history scholar called Lien a hypocrite.

    Jim Lee
    Taipei University of Education
    Lien Chan you dare to scold others when your grandfather wrote odes to eulogize the Japanese governor-general. Nobody forced him to curry favor by writing such a sappy ode to Kodama Gentaro. When (your grandfather wrote) such a sappy ode to a person like this, how can you criticize somebody else’s ancestors?

    Sean Lien
    KMT Taipei Nominee
    If my great-grandfather was so good to the Japanese then he wouldn’t have had to go to mainland China to participate in the Japanese resistance. He could have just happily lived in Taiwan. My father is extremely filial. He is extremely dissatisfied at the frequent criticism levied at my grandfather and great-grandfather by the Ko camp.

    While the younger Sean Lien tried to defend his father a member of the KMT Central Standing Committee criticized the elder Lien. Chiu Fu-sheng used Facebook to compare elections to drugs. Chiu said they can make people do crazy things then asked how we could still show respect toward “Grandpa” Lien Chan.
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    批柯P祖先媚日 連戰被學者打臉



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