Cement dust makes sea breeze noxious to Taichung residents (2019/02/11)
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    Cement dust makes sea breeze noxious to Taichung residents (2019/02/11)

    Taichung's notorious air pollution is mostly blamed on activity at its large-scale coal-fired power plant. But residents of the area surrounding Taichung Port say there's another culprit - cement dust. The locals have filed complaints about the dust coming in from cement cargo that's shipped to the port. Locals say the dust falls on their homes and ruins the air, and they're demanding a solution for their neighborhood.

    Since its grand opening at the end of the last year, Taichung's Mitsui Outlet has been a popular local attraction. Little do shoppers know that 2 kilometers away at Taichung Port, ships bring in cement that's stored without a dust collection system.

    Lin Tsong-hai
    Village chief
    If the cement is not kept in a closed space, and they're handling that cement, that's a terrifying prospect! That cement is transported from here to there, and it raises a lot of dust.

    Dock worker
    No dust is raised. No dust touches the ground. You see for yourself. There's nothing but water on the ground.

    The cargo handling company said the dock is sprayed with water to reduce dust deposition. But the port's dust problem has already caught the attention of Taichung's environmental protection authority.

    Chen Hung-yi
    Environmental protection official
    We are demanding an enclosed, warehouse-style, environmentally friendly space for cargo handling. That is our one demand on Taichung Port. Any time a cargo ship comes into the port, we'll be watching. At present, the penalty is NT$100,000 to NT$5 million.

    Chen Wu-tsang
    Head of Taichung Port
    The cement importers themselves do not wish to be punished. I believe all our companies do have the heart to improve.

    The administrators of Taichung Port said they are working with the import companies on an improvement plan to bring the harm of cement dust to its minimum.
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    露天裝卸水泥 煙霧瀰漫成"台中空污黑洞"

    台中的空污問題,外界大多歸咎於台中火力發電廠,不過,台中港進口的 水泥,採露天裝卸,煙霧瀰漫的問題,也頗為嚴重,甚至成為「空污黑洞」,不但附近的住家常常卡了一層灰,水泥粉隨風飄散,也嚴重影響空氣品質。

    去年底,台中三井Outlet開幕,吸引不少人潮,不過,有媒體報導,距離大約兩公里的台中港碼頭,水泥船的水泥粉 隨風飄散,沒有集塵。

    [[龍井區忠和里長 林聰海]]



    [[台中市環保局副局長 陳宏益]]
    “唯有做密閉式的,倉儲式 的 環保裝卸,才是我們對台中港唯一的要求,只要貨船一進港,我們就盯住。目前的部份,是罰10萬到500萬。”

    [[台中港務公司港務長 陳武藏]]
    “他們 (水泥進口業者) 也不希望受罰,我相信我們的業者都是有這個心要去改善的。”

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