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US secretary of state praises Czech speaker over Taiwan visit (2020/08/13)

Countering China is at the top of the agenda for U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is on a tour of Europe to consolidate energy and security cooperation. In a stop at the Czech Republic, Pompeo endorsed the Czech senate president's trip to Taiwan later this month. "Good on him," Pompeo said, in a speech before the Czech senate. Pompeo also praised the free press of the Czech Republic for reporting on China's economic coercion, when it was used against the late former senate president when he supported Taiwan.

The first stop on Pompeo’s Europe tour was the Czech Republic, where he sat with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis. During a public speech at the country’s senate, the secretary of state fired criticism against China, in defiance of the Czech president’s pro-China views.

Mike Pompeo
US secretary of state
They appreciate that it's going to deny them freedom. We see what's happening in Hong Kong to entrepreneurs. That's the model that the Chinese Communist Party brings when they show up.

Pompeo said freedoms are lost whenever CCP influence appears in a country, pointing to what’s happened in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet. He stressed that the U.S. would stand with the Czech Republic if it is ever bullied. China has taken issue with the fact that Prague signed a sister-city agreement with Taipei earlier this year, after terminating one with Beijing.

Mike Pompeo
US secretary of state
I came here today, just to remind the Czech people that we stand prepared to support you. If those countries try to bully you, we'll be right there alongside of you.

Pompeo said China was trying to manipulate the world through its economic clout, which made it a tougher foe to counter than the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The statement has been seen as a call for solidarity against both China and Russian influence.

Mike Pompeo
US secretary of state
I’ve heard this narrative that somehow this is the United States against China. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a choice the Czech people are going to make. I’m confident, when faced with the decision about authoritarianism or democracy and freedom, I have very confident what they’ll choose.

Pompeo also voiced support for the diplomatic Taiwan visit by Czech Senate President Milos Vystricil later this month. The senate speaker will be joined by the pro-Taiwan Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib. The event will mark the mayor’s second official visit to Taiwan.

On Facebook, Hrib posted a photo of himself next to a suitcase with the national flags of Taiwan and the Czech Republic. He wrote that he was grateful to be able to join Vystricil on the trip to Taiwan. He added his Taiwan itinerary would include meetings with representatives of Taipei City. The official visit is testament to the warming ties between Taiwan and the Czech Republic.
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