Supermarkets target bigger sales by doubling down on food delivery (2019/11/08)
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    Supermarkets target bigger sales by doubling down on food delivery (2019/11/08)

    Meal delivery is a fast-growing market in Taiwan, accounting for 5% of all food and beverages sales in 2018. And the supermarket sector has taken notice. Following in the footsteps of City'super and Wellcome, Carrefour has partnered with a meal delivery app to offer ultra-fast grocery delivery. Online shoppers in Taipei's Xinyi District can now get their groceries in one hour. Chains like Carrefour are hoping to unlock bigger sales, by tapping into Taiwan's new favored way to shop.

    Doing your own shopping means having to carry your own bags back home. These days, you can save yourself the hassle with a few taps on a mobile phone.

    Supermarket chain Carrefour has partnered with Foodpanda to offer 300 products for delivery, mainly within Xinyi District. Online shoppers get their groceries in an hour.

    According to statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, deliveries accounted for 5% of food and beverage revenue in 2018. That makes food delivery a business opportunity worth NT$23.7 billion. The numbers are so strong that supermarkets have taken notice.

    Chang Chun-hong
    Supermarket PR
    On top of our preexisting online shopping service, which offers delivery in 24 hours, we’re now working with a so-called delivery vendor. This service offers delivery in as little as one hour. Over the Lunar New Year period, and possibly throughout the next year, deliveries could help us break past our revenue market share of 10%.

    Following City’super and Wellcome, Carrefour has become the latest to partner with a delivery app, as Taiwanese fall in love with a faster way to shop.

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    外送平台商機夯 與量販店跨界結盟 1hr送達

    經濟部統計,2018年全台餐飲業營業額達4745億元,外送就占比約5%,吸引量販店紛紛搶進。繼city's super與頂好後,最新又有家樂福宣布與外送平台合作,推出熟食及生活用品及乾糧等300項商品,初期範圍以信義區為主。




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    繼city's super及頂好超市之後,家樂福也來插旗,顯示即時送貨的消費型態崛起。
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