Focus on Eswatini: Taiwan’s last friend in Africa (2019/03/15)
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    Focus on Eswatini: Taiwan’s last friend in Africa (2019/03/15)

    How long can Taiwan hold onto its last ally on the African continent? The landlocked African country of Eswatini has had diplomatic relations with Taiwan for more than 50 years. It became Taiwan's last remaining African friend following Burkina Faso's flip to Beijing last May. Taiwan's ambassador to Eswatini told FTV that Beijing has been ramping up pressure on Eswatini, courting the kingdom with cash and other incentives. Join us as we survey the situation on the ground with Taiwan's last friend in Africa.

    Jeremy Liang took up the post of ambassador to Eswatini last year. Since then he has poured effort into a constant pipeline of projects to combat China’s campaign in the African kingdom.

    Jeremy Liang
    Taiwan ambassador to Eswatini
    China is using cash or other lures. It covets Eswatini. It has designs to destroy the relationship between the country and Taiwan. This has gone on every day.

    Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, has a friendship with Taiwan that extends over 50 years. The two sides have cooperated closely on projects pertaining to everything from agricultural technology to biotechnology. Today several Taiwanese enterprises have set up factories in Eswatini. Taiwan’s embassy provides support to these businesses, as it strives to grow Taiwan and Eswatini’s diplomatic bond.

    Jeremy Liang
    Taiwan ambassador to Eswatini
    We take our strengths and we maximize them. We maximize our effectiveness. And we take the factors that we discover could be injurious to Taiwan-Eswatini relations, and we mitigate them as much as possible. There is pressure, absolutely. But we are not sitting back passively in this situation. There is no room here for pessimism.

    Vumile Dlamini
    Eswatini royal
    I really appreciate this collaboration and this friendship that we have with Taiwan. Taiwan is our second home.

    Taiwan’s embassy confirmed that it’s facing diplomatic headwinds in Eswatini, now the last African country that recognizes Taiwan. But the ambassador said he was confident that so long as Taiwan and Eswatini continue to derive mutual benefit, their 50-year-old friendship will endure.

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