Folding tandem bicycle provides new convenience (2011/04/13)
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    Folding tandem bicycle provides new convenience (2011/04/13)

    Folding bicycles are very popular because they are easy to transport and store, but fans of tandem bikes have not been able to enjoy their convenience. A man in Changhua has a solution, however, a folding tandem bike that’s small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

    The almost 2-meter-long tandem bicycle designed by Gao Fu-syong can be folded so it fits in the trunk of sedan.

    It only takes a few seconds to fold the 20-kilogram tandem bicycle and lift it into the trunk. It’s small enough that two tandem bikes can fit into a sedan.

    Gao Fu-syong
    Folding Tandem Bike Designer
    I have probably spent more than NT$10 million on just creating the molds and other assorted costs.

    In addition, the bicycle has gears fitted that make it easier for riders both front and back to keep the bike moving along.

    Gao Fu-syong
    Folding Tandem Bike Designer
    If you achieve real harmony between the two riders, the amount of power from each can be different but riding will still be comfortable.

    The tandem bike is convenient to store and easy to ride. Plus, from the design all the way through to manufacturing, it is 100 percent made in Taiwan.

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    [[折疊腳踏車設計者 高富雄]]


    [[折疊腳踏車設計者 高富雄]]

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