Premier Su Tseng-chang announces bullet train link to Pingtung (2019/09/10)
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    Premier Su Tseng-chang announces bullet train link to Pingtung (2019/09/10)

    It’s official. Premier Su Tseng-chang announced today that the high-speed rail system will be extended to Pingtung County. The premier said the project would improve transportation in the area and make Taiwan more competitive. In his announcement, he emphasized that the project was not a maneuver to win votes for the DPP in 2020. But scholars say the HSR link wouldn’t benefit enough passengers to justify the cost.

    Kenting in Pingtung County is a popular destination during the summer holiday. In the future, tourists will be able to get there not just by train and bus, but also by high-speed rail.

    Su Tseng-chang
    Some say that this project is an election gambit. I say, you’re underestimating President Tsai Ing-wen. You’re underestimating the premier, and you’re underestimating the people of Pingtung and Taiwan. What we’re planning -- what we want to build -- is not something for a transient election. It is for Taiwan to use for centuries to come.

    It’s official – the HSR is getting a Pingtung station. Premier Su emphasized that the project was not a strategy to win votes. But scholars question whether the extension is worth the cost.

    Chang Sheng-hsiung
    Tamkang University
    I believe that at this point in time, it is inadvisable to carry out this project. The geographical location of Pingtung is actually to the east of Zuoying. So the bullet train line would be extended to the east, to service only northern Pingtung. Places like Donggang, Linbian, Hengchun, and Chaozhou would not be covered. The new ridership would be extremely limited.

    Four proposals for the extension are on the table. Among them, a line that ends at Liukuaicuo is the cheapest and most favored. But scholars say that this line is likely to end up unused.

    Chang Sheng-hsiung
    Tamkang University
    In the future, because Pingtung’s ridership would not be very great, this line is likely to get just one service an hour. Some will think, “I can go to Zuoying, which has four to seven services every hour, and then take the regular train to Pingtung. Would that be better? Or should I wait for that hourly service to go to Pingtung?”

    Ko Wen-je
    Taipei mayor
    With transport infrastructure in general, we wouldn’t go so far as to oppose them. HSR projects give back in terms of small town and urban development. The problem is, with transport infrastructure, profits from urban development are claimed by consortiums and not the government. That’s when issues crop up with these self-liquidating projects.

    Opinions differ over the bullet train extension. Some scholars say putting the money into expanding the TRA, bus and coach lines would do more good for Taiwan’s transport system.

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    高鐵南延屏東定案 學者憂經濟效益低



    [[行政院長 蘇貞昌]]


    [[淡江大學運輸管理學系教授 張勝雄]]


    [[淡江大學運輸管理學系教授 張勝雄]]

    [[台北市長 柯文哲]]
    “一班來講交通建設,我們都不至於太反對,台灣高鐵一般可以回收的是造鎮、都市開發,問題是我們常講,交通建設做下去,都市開發的錢都被財團賺掉,也不是政府賺掉,才會造成自償性 (self-liquidating) 有困難”

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