Made-in-Taiwan mock meat that tastes like the real thing (2019/09/10)
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    Made-in-Taiwan mock meat that tastes like the real thing (2019/09/10)

    U.S. companies like Beyond Meat have put fake meat on the map, by making beef-like burgers with plant proteins. Now Taiwan has unveiled its own highly realistic meat alternative. Today the country’s Food Industry Research and Development Institute unveiled a mock meat product formulated with soybeans and wheat. It looks and tastes like the real thing, and it holds a sear just like a real burger does on a grill.

    Hot steak is brought out to the table. It fills the air with aromas, and light bounces off its glossy surface. These meat morsels served on a dinner roll are also a delight.

    Member of the public
    It’s very bouncy. When you’re eating it – when you take a bite, it feels like muscle fibers. It feels like real meat.

    This is Taiwan’s first imitation meat developed by food tech researchers. Ingredients like soybean and wheat are used to make vegetable protein. That’s used to make mock beef and pork that tastes like the real thing.

    Hwang Sam-long
    Food Industry Research and Development Institute
    This technique uses 100% plant protein. There is no added adhesive, such as dairy or vegetable gum, or additives like chemically modified starch.

    By 2020, vegetarians are projected to account for 30% of the world’s population. Meatless diets also take a lighter toll on the environment. The Food Industry Research and Development Institute developed an imitation meat that can be seasoned and prepared in a variety of ways. It goes great on a grill.

    Hwang Sam-long
    Food Industry Research and Development Institute
    It will hold a proper sear mark. It’s great for grilling. Plus it is vegetarian and lighter on the carbon dioxide emissions.

    Mock meat was on display at an exhibition organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Officials said they hope the fair will support exchanges and catapult Taiwan’s biomedical and food technologies onto the global stage.

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    植物性蛋白做成人造肉 台灣自製未來肉首發表





    [[食品工業發展研究所研究員 黃三龍]]


    [[食品工業發展研究所研究員 黃三龍]]

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