Protesters say Kuokuang project would damage wetlands, pollute air (2011/04/03)
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    Protesters say Kuokuang project would damage wetlands, pollute air (2011/04/03)

    Many Changhua residents fear the Kuokuang Petrochemical project would harm wetlands and increase air pollution. But some welcome the investment.

    The wetlands along the sea in Changhua’s Dacheng Township are a stopping point for many kinds of birds and other animals. But if construction begins on Kuokuang Petrochemical’s planned project, there are worries that these creatures will no longer be seen. There could even be repercussions for people in the area.

    Huang Min-sheng
    Changhua Medical Alliance
    Negative effects will rise. People who wouldn’t have become sick before will become sick. Those who wouldn’t have needed to stay in the hospital will have to stay in the hospital. Those who wouldn’t have gotten cancer will come down with the disease. The final result is that people will be pushed toward death, says Huang Min-sheng, director of the Changhua Medical Alliance.

    But some Changhua residents welcome Kuokuang Petrochemical. Supporters and detractors have previously faced off in Taipei at the Construction and Planning Agency.

    The story behind the Kuokuang Petrochemical project begins in January 2005. That was when an Executive Yuan committee passed this NT$400 billion petrochemical industry investment project. At the time, the plant was to be built in Yunlin, but plans were stalled by environmental assessment and land purchase problems. The project was shifted to Dacheng Township in June 2008, following extensive efforts by the Changhua County government for the rights to build the plant. The Ma administration considers the project to be one of Taiwan’s key investment plans.

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