Taiwan News Briefs (2017/03/20)
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  • Defense Ministry confirms China’s deployment of DF-16 ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan
  • TSMC reportedly considering building new 3-nanometer fab in US, prompting Cabinet response
  • Vietnamese tourists the new darling of Taiwan’s tourism industry
  • Taiwan’s first purpose-built social housing project going up ahead of schedule in Taichung
  • Water Rationing in Kaohsiung
  • Exploring the Streets of Wanhua
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    Taiwan News Briefs (2017/03/20)

    Exhibiting Banned Books
    Taichung’s Civil Affairs Bureau kicked off a special exhibition at the Taichung Literature Museum to showcase written works that were banned during Taiwan’s martial law period. The layout of the exhibition was purposefully designed to resemble a prison to give visitors a taste of the oppressive conditions that free-thinkers of the time had to live through. The exhibit will run through April 16.

    Yilan Green Expo
    The 18th annual Yilan Green Expo is set to kick off on April 1 at the Dongshan River Ecoark, where visitors will be able to explore 30 hectares of open grasslands and learn how to make healthy foods. Expo organizers will also provide attendees the chance to row boats through the park and take in the region’s beautiful landscapes.

    Rare Birds in Taitung
    Swarms of birdwatchers have been flocking to Taitung to catch a glimpse of the “slender-billed gull,” a rarely seen migratory bird which has appeared at the mouth of the Taiping River. The gulls, which are slightly pink in color, are estimated to have flown 4,500 kilometers to get to Taiwan, presenting a special chance for photographers to capture the elegant bird on film.

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