‘Blood drops’ can be a remedy for dry eye syndrome (2018/09/14)
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    ‘Blood drops’ can be a remedy for dry eye syndrome (2018/09/14)

    Taiwan loves its smartphones, but the blue light from electronic displays can cause dry eye syndrome and corneal damage. But one Taiwanese ophthalmologist reports that eye drops made with the patient's own blood can be an effective treatment for damage caused by prolonged screen time.

    Staring at a screen can cause serious eye damage. That’s what happened to Mr. Chang, an engineer who lives in Taichung. With prolonged screen time, he developed dry eye syndrome and corneal erosion. His vision worsened to 20/200 before he sought medical help.

    Chiang Chun-chi
    When he came, he couldn’t even open his eyes – that’s how much his eyes hurt. Tears were streaming out. He couldn’t drive a car, he couldn’t look at a computer, and he couldn’t read documents. It was miserable.

    The hospital drew a sample of the patient’s blood and placed it in a centrifuge to separate out the blood components. They used a serum derived from the blood to make eye drops. Using the eye drops and other medication, Mr. Chang was able to bring his vision back to nearly the normal range.

    Chiang Chun-chi
    Blood serum separated using a centrifuge is biologically similar to human tears. It doesn’t just contain water – it has proteins and growth factors. That is what makes the serum similar to our tears.

    As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Doctors urge smartphone users to give their eyes a break so that they stay bright, and to seek medical attention when experiencing discomfort.
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    紅.腫.痛等乾眼症 自體血清眼藥水救視力



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