DPP lawmakers propose mandatory warnings before strikes (2019/02/11)
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    DPP lawmakers propose mandatory warnings before strikes (2019/02/11)

    As the pilots' strike drags on, DPP lawmakers say they will propose a bill requiring workers to give a notice period before they go on strike. The DPP says requiring a warning would help safeguard the rights of passengers. KMT lawmakers are opposed to the measure, saying it would weaken labor's bargaining power with their employers.

    On the first day back from the holiday, KMT legislators wasted no time in slamming the Executive Yuan over its response to the pilots strike.

    Chen Yi-ming
    KMT lawmaker
    This incident underscores the poor coordination skills of Su Tseng-chang's Cabinet.
    It's all professional negligence and incompetence.

    Wu Chih-yang
    KMT lawmaker
    The Transportation Ministry should immediately replace the incompetent Ho Nuan-hsuan. Once China Airlines gets a new chairman, the Transportation Ministry will have the authority to intervene proactively in the negotiations.

    Meanwhile in the DPP's camp, lawmaker Lin Shu-fen also had sharp criticism for the airline's president. In a Facebook post, she said that communication with Ho was impossible, and that he was the first person who should be fired. So far the strike has affected thousands of travelers. After the Legislative Yuan reopens on Feb. 15, the DPP lawmakers plan to propose a bill requiring strikers to issue a warning in advance.

    Cheng Pao-ching
    DPP lawmaker
    Of course we have to protect the rights of workers, but we also need to take consumer's rights into consideration. So we need to amend the law to include the strike warning as soon as possible. Many places in the world already do this. We're going to see if it should be one or two weeks so everyone can negotiate.

    Lai Shyh-bao
    KMT lawmaker
    It feels as if it's better and more appropriate if you give a warning before a strike. But if you are announcing everything in advance, your weaponry will be smaller. You won't have as much leverage in negotiations. So we really need to consider the pros and cons of all this carefully.

    The pilots' strike continues, and there's still no solution for the issues it has brought to the fore.
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    華航罷工事件 綠營欲修法訂"罷工預告期"



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