China Airlines to unveil new ‘less confusing’ livery (2020/11/26)
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    China Airlines to unveil new ‘less confusing’ livery (2020/11/26)

    China Airlines, Taiwan's national carrier, will soon get seven 777-F cargo planes featuring an entirely new look. According to the transport minister, they will be emblazoned with Taiwan-related imagery. The name of the carrier, "China Airlines," will appear in a smaller font. It will also be repositioned from the center of the plane, to a more discreet location near the tail. The planes aren't due for delivery till next month, but a sneak peek is already circulating online. Let's take a look.

    A China Airlines aircraft descends, carrying passengers into Taiwan. The national carrier is tasked with foreign aid missions, and it's recently transported masks and other PPE overseas. Because the name on the plane is China Airlines, it's been mistaken many times for a Chinese carrier, prompting Taiwan lawmakers to ask for a livery redesign. On Wednesday, a new look leaked online.

    The signature plum blossom of China Airlines is left unchanged. But whereas the name "China Airlines" was once in the middle of the fuselage, it's now tucked discreetly near the tail. This is a new Boeing 777 freight plane, photographed by a plane spotter as it was on a test flight. The airline's name is not only placed farther back, but it looks much smaller as well. There's now a large blank space toward the front, which will be populated later by Taiwanese imagery.

    Lin Chia-lung
    Transport minister
    Seven units of the 777-F are currently undergoing flight tests. Blank space has been left in the design, so that Taiwan-related imagery can be featured on the new planes. So far ,the size of the words "China Airlines" has been reduced.

    Transport minister Lin Chia-lung says Taiwan-related imagery will later appear on the seven newly purchased freight planes. But the planes are still in the test-flight stage and have not yet left the assembly plant. China Airlines said it would unveil the new plane livery at an appropriate time.

    Member of the public
    If you saw it, you'd think it still looks very much the same. There is no difference. The words are still the same. Actually I feel, in fact I think some people have mentioned this, that it should be changed to "CAL" as there's no way of changing the name to include "Taiwan." Using this abbreviation would be a way of compromising.

    Views differ on the new look, but the redesign isn't final yet. The planes' Taiwan-related imagery won't be unveiled, until the aircraft are delivered toward the end of the year.
    中文 Chinese  
    華航新機"CHINA"縮小 林佳龍:留白處現台灣意象

    華航飛機因機身塗裝上的CHINA AIRLINES字樣,先前被誤認成中國飛機,引起爭議,被要求改名,立院前也通過短中長期的改名計畫。短期以不涉及改約航權談判的飛機塗裝重新設計為主。最近就有國外航空迷拍到,華航新購入的777-F貨機正在試飛,機身塗裝有了重大變化。交通部長林佳龍也證實,機上預留的空間,將有台灣意象會出現。

    華航飛機起降,載送國人出入境,先前更擔負起口罩國家隊援外任務,載送防疫物資到海外,卻因機身上的"CHINA AIRLINES"字樣,被誤認是"中國"飛機引發爭議,立法院要求華航正名後,試飛中的貨機新塗裝也曝光。

    華航飛機招牌的梅花沒有變,但過去的"CHINA AIRLINES"位在機身中段,新購入的777-F全貨機,在國外被航空迷拍到把英文移到機尾處,字體也變小許多,機身則是大面積留白,預留未來做彩繪的空間。

    [[交通部長 林佳龍]]
    “7架777-F現在正在交機試飛中,塗裝的部分還保留空間,來配合有台灣意象,能夠在新的飛機上,目前是先把原來CHINA AIRLINES,這幾個字把它縮小。”


    “如果要看到的話還是一樣,沒有差,就還是一樣是那個字。其實我覺得,有人提說,就改成CAL(華航縮寫)就好,沒有辦法改成 Taiwan,至少用成縮寫也是一個折衷方法。”

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