Legislative Yuan launches official Line account (2020/11/24)
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    Legislative Yuan launches official Line account (2020/11/24)

    The Legislative Yuan now has its own Line account. You can now add your national lawmaking body as a friend on Line. This is for politics buffs, policy wonks, and anyone else who wants daily updates on when lawmakers are meeting and what’s on the agenda. Celia: You’ll also get links to livestreams of the meetings, so that can watch the lawmaking process right in your living room.

    Legislative Speaker Yu Si-kun, Deputy Legislative Speaker Tsai, Taiwan Line President Roger Chen and other officials inaugurate the Legislative Yuan’s official Line account.

    Yu Si-kun
    Legislative speaker
    A proactive, instant-notifying, easy-to-share and easy-to-watch digital democracy platform is right before our eyes. I would hereby like to announce the legislature’s public channels have entered the era of 2.0.

    When legislature is in session, the official Line account will send daily updates on meeting times, meeting agendas, and links to livestreams. Since February 2017, Taiwan has had two official parliament channels on TV, to give the public greater access to lawmaker proceedings. In addition, the content is broadcast live on YouTube.

    Tsai Chi-chang
    Deputy legislative speaker
    Although we haven’t had the channels for long, things are developing at a breakneck pace. In comparison with other democracies around the world, we could be said to be in the lead. This is an incredible feat for Taiwan.

    Ann Kao
    Taiwan People’s Party lawmaker
    Legislature is highly transparent with the legislative broadcasts. I’d like to share an anecdote. Once, after I completed interpellation, my fan page filled up with comments from people saying, “You looked so worn out today.” Because I had been strapped for time that day and didn’t have time to do my makeup properly. So I like to ask the president of Line, could you activate a beauty filter for us?

    First parliament channels, and now a Line account. Lawmakers hope the new addition will give the public front-row seats to what used to be behind closed doors.
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    立院LINE官方帳號啟用 標榜數位民主平台



    [[立法院長 游錫堃]]


    [[立法院副院長 蔡其昌]]

    [[台灣民眾黨團幹事長 高虹安]]

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