Report alleges Chinese interference in Taiwan election (2011/12/07)
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    Report alleges Chinese interference in Taiwan election (2011/12/07)

    A report released today accuses China of infiltrating Taiwan’s electoral system at the grassroots level for the first time. Next Magazine claims a Chinese government agency invited a group of local Taiwanese leaders to Shanghai, and then a prominent Communist Party member encouraged them to support incumbent President Ma Ying-jeou. A spokesman for Ma denies the charge.

    President Ma took a photograph with members of the Yunlin Association in September. Now as the presidential election tightens, Next Magazine has published a report with claims of a more nefarious connection. The report alleges the Shanghai branch of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spent a million renminbi inviting 28 association members to China. All were local directors who played a role in election canvassing, and included among them was the president for northern Taiwan, Chang Chao-kuo.

    What’s more, the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee hosted the welcoming dinner. At the event, department chief Yang Xiaodu called on everyone to offer more support to President Ma.

    Chang Chao-kuo
    Yunlin N. Taiwan Association
    This is a complete misunderstanding. Our visit to Shanghai this time was just for cities to share ideas. It was a fairly large event and had nothing to do with the elections.

    Chang insists that no high-level Chinese officials campaigned on Ma’s behalf and says he paid for his own flight. A Ma campaign spokeswoman tried to draw a line between Chang’s trip and President Ma’s re-election efforts.

    Lee Chia-fei
    Ma Campaign Spokeswoman
    This was a personal trip made by Mr. Chang Chao-kuo. We completely oppose China using its political strength to interfere in Taiwan’s elections. We also oppose any person planning to go through China to interfere our elections.

    Chang and Ma’s campaign both deny the Next Magazine report. Also Ma’s opponents in the election, Tsai Ing-wen and James Soong, say they’re opposed to anyone outside Taiwan trying to influence the race.

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