Sunflower Movement leader Huang Kuo-chang could join legislative race (2015/05/04)
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    Sunflower Movement leader Huang Kuo-chang could join legislative race (2015/05/04)

    Huang Kuo-chang formally joined the New Power Party today. The Academia Sinica member and Sunflower Movement leader could seek a legislative seat in Taipei or New Taipei.

    New Power Party legislative candidates, including Freddy Lim and Hung Tzu-yung, were present to give a black party shirt to Huang Kuo-chang. They welcomed Huang as a major addition.

    Freddy Lim
    New Power Party
    My feeling is that the entry of Kuo-chang will allow us to receive many political donations this evening.

    Huang was asked about the possibility of running in a local legislative election or seeking to become an at-large legislator.

    Huang Kuo-chang
    Academia Sinica
    The battle I choose to fight will absolutely not be as an at-large legislator. If I run, I will topple an incumbent district KMT legislator.

    Huang said he needs more time to decide whether to transition from academics to politics. If he does run, he plans to contend for his home electoral district of Xizhi, New Taipei or his work district of Nangang-Neihu, Taipei.
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    黃國昌加入時代力量 若參選港湖.汐止擇一



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