National Taiwan University develops robots to play soccer (2012/03/06)
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    National Taiwan University develops robots to play soccer (2012/03/06)

    Have you ever seen robots play soccer? A group of National Taiwan University teachers and students have developed special robots to compete as a soccer team. The robots not only kick the ball but can also get up once they fall down.

    This robot makes a number of turns and moves quite nimbly, much like a real person competing in a soccer match.

    Bob Wang
    NTU Assoc. Prof.
    Just like human beings, the computer is on top and the camera is here. It has a microphone so it can hear and it can also speak. It has a wireless network and the belly has sonar. When a robot is very close, its radar tells it that there are other robots nearby and it should move slower. The foot also has a sensor so that it knows when a ball has been kicked.

    The robot moves easily, and when it falls over and all four limbs are in the air, it is able to get up again.

    Bob Wang
    NTU Assoc. Prof.
    Inside there is an IMU sensor to measure angles, allowing it to get up when it is on its stomach or lying on its side. When playing with other robot teammates, it can identify where the others are, and they can all assist in playing the game.

    Many universities both in Taiwan and abroad have robot soccer teams. In fact, the team from National Taiwan University not only qualified for the 2011 Robot Soccer World Cup but also took third place, earning glory for Taiwan.
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    [[台大資工系副教授 王傑智]]
    “就跟我們人一樣,電腦就在上面,相機就在這裡,它有麥克風 可以聽聲音,也可以講話 有無線網路,肚子這個是聲納,機器人互相很接近的時候,雷達就會告訴你說,前面有其它機器人,我應該慢下來,腳這邊有感應器,踢到球會知道”


    [[台大資工系副教授 王傑智]]

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