Taiwan cracks 1.4 million orders on 9/9 online shopping holiday (2018/09/12)
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    Taiwan cracks 1.4 million orders on 9/9 online shopping holiday (2018/09/12)

    This year on Sept. 9, e-commerce platforms again hosted 9/9 Super Shopping Day. Online shoppers in Asia placed a record-topping 5.8 million orders, three times last year's volume. Taiwan alone saw an astonishing 1.4 million orders. The buying spree was a boon for online vendors, but it created a nightmare for convenience store workers when the ordered merchandise flooded in for pickup.

    Boxes of merchandise are stacked as high as a grown man in this convenience store. In another convenience store, the boxes are stacked five rows deep. It’s a sight that’s the result of 9/9 Super Shopping Day.

    Yang Chen-hsin
    E-commerce operator
    The 9/9 Super Shopping Day was first introduced in 2016. Taiwan was not alone in joining the event. Many countries in Southeast Asia also jumped on the bandwagon.

    The large numbers of orders are reflected in the sales volume. On September 9 alone, the Asia region set new records for both order and merchandise volumes. In particular, Taiwanese shoppers bought at an astonishing speed to crack 1.4 million orders.

    The event yielded insights into Asia’s shopping habits. Taiwanese consumers favored buying food, while Thai consumers leaned toward electronics. Malaysians spent big on daily necessities and Filipinos on cosmetics, while Vietnamese shoppers swept up fashion products.
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