Power use soars to 38,844 megawatts on first day of Level 2 (2021/07/28)
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    Power use soars to 38,844 megawatts on first day of Level 2 (2021/07/28)

    Power consumption soared to a new high on Tuesday. Taipower says peak consumption reached a record 38,844 megawatts Tuesday afternoon, as sweltering heat sent people reaching for the AC remote.
    Even so, the operating reserve stayed above 10%, supported by robust hydropower generation.

    Upon arriving at work, the first order of business is switching on the AC – not just in the boss’ office, but for the entire staff. There are five air conditioners in total, plus dozens of computers, mainframes, and servers. In the summer, it all comes out to a hefty power bill of more than NT$10,000.

    Tseng Chih-hsiung
    Tech company boss
    The other day I felt that the AC wasn’t cold enough. We keep it at 25 degrees, but that doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. So we adjusted it to 24 or 23.

    Level 2 started Tuesday, and now most remote workers are back in the office. That – combined with the sweltering heat – has pushed electricity use to new heights. Just before 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday, power consumption surged to 38,844 megawatts, a record high. But the operating reserve remained adequate at just above 10%.

    Voice of Taipower spokesman
    Chang Ting-shu
    Typhoon In-fa brought a considerable amount of water into reservoirs both in the north and south. Currently hydropower conditions are much better than they were in May, and that is supporting the grid. Today’s energy supply situation is similar to yesterday’s, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

    Taipower says the power supply is stable, despite a malfunction of Guosheng Nuclear Power Plant’s No. 2 reactor on Tuesday. Following an investigation, officials said it was an accident: an employee had moved a chair into an acrylic plastic cover, causing a steam isolation valve to close and the generator to trip and shut down.

    Kao Pin
    Atomic Energy Council official
    Taipower has submitted an incident report to the Atomic Energy Council for review. The Atomic Energy Council will follow up with inspections as the reactor’s normal operations resume.

    The loss of the reactor took 985,000 megawatts of power off the grid. Following an investigation, the Atomic Energy Council approved the restart of the reactor at 11:40 p.m. on Tuesday.
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    全國降二級首日 用電量達3,884.4萬瓩創新高



    [[科技公司老闆 曾志雄]]




    [[原能會核能管制處副處長 高斌]]

    核二廠2號機停機,讓供電系統少掉 98.5 萬瓩供電能力,經過檢討後,原能會同意當晚11點40分再啟動。
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