Taiwan architecture students win top prizes at Green Product Award contest (2019/03/15)
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    Taiwan architecture students win top prizes at Green Product Award contest (2019/03/15)

    Taiwanese college students have impressed judges in Germany with an architectural design made with recycled paper. At the Green Product Award contest in Munich, the team put together a towering structure, based on the traditional Chinese tripod cauldron, that earned the competition's biggest prize.

    Sixty triangular pieces of corrugated paper, each only 3 cm thick, were cunningly assembled by hand. Over the course of the day, the pieces were manually snapped together and stacked up into a towering structure.

    Seven students and teachers of National United University's Department of Architecture had gone to Munich to participate in the world's largest eco-friendly design contest. Their work, "Orchid Pavilion 3.0," earned the top prize for professional architectural design.

    Nils Bader
    Green Product Award initiator
    I can recycle paper, because it's super hard, but lightweight, and you only have this… three or four pieces, and you can endlessly develop new forms out of it, which is super nice.

    The Taiwanese team also won the competition's biggest prize, the award for best design concept.

    Wu Hsi-yan
    National United University professor
    We feel that at trade shows today, there are too many disposable materials being used. We hope to create new possibilities for exhibitions and to avoid unnecessary waste.

    In partnership with Cheng Loong paper company, the team has developed novel sustainable solutions for exhibitions.
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    世界環保產品設計賽 聯合大學建築系奪2獎




    [[大會主席 Nils Bader]]


    [[聯合大學建築系教授 吳細顏]]


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