Shop serves eye-catching floral sandwiches made with seasonal fruits (2020/08/13)
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    Shop serves eye-catching floral sandwiches made with seasonal fruits (2020/08/13)

    Fruity sandwiches with flowery patterns have been a sensation in Japan for some time now, and now they are available in Taiwan. A Japanese store specializing in these floral sandwiches has opened up a branch in Taipei. The sandwiches are made with seasonal fruits from both Japan and Taiwan. Their beautiful patterns have made them an instant hit on social media.

    A dollop of whipped cream is spread onto slices of bread. Then an orange, some grapes and kiwi are laid on. Each fruit is held in place by more whipped cream and another slice of bread is placed on top. The whole sandwich is then covered in plastic wrap and chilled in the freezer.

    The frozen sandwich is cut in half to reveal a floral design. The flowers can be made with any fruit, including strawberries, peaches or mangos. These sandwiches have quickly become popular on the internet.

    I saw it on Instagram. It’s not too rich because the fruits are a little tart.

    The shop also makes a fruity mango chicken curry. To make it, chicken is stir-fried with spices and onions before adding in fresh mango puree. The finished curry is then poured over rice and topped with a sunny-side up egg.

    This popular dessert shop from Sapporo, Japan opened a branch in Taiwan this year. Everything on the menu is made with fruits. The dishes have been a hit with foodies.

    Ms. Shih
    Store operator
    We use seasonal fruits that are generally imported from Japan. Of course, we also use seasonal fruits from Taiwan because they are fresher. Right now, not a lot of places make fruit flower sandwiches in Taiwan, but they’ve been trendy for a while in Japan. We wanted to be the first store to bring these to Taiwan from overseas, so Taiwanese people can also savor these sandwiches.

    Taiwanese and Japanese seasonal fruits take center stage at this unique shop, which has garnered a following online. Their future plans involve developing a wider range of creative dishes for everyone to enjoy.

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    日本療癒系甜點好夯 水果三明治洗版網路







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