President Tsai’s alma mater confirms it gave her a doctorate (2019/10/09)
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    President Tsai’s alma mater confirms it gave her a doctorate (2019/10/09)

    President Tsai Ing-wen's alma mater has finally added its voice to the months-long debate over the legitimacy of her doctoral degree. Charges of fraud have swirled around Tsai's degree since May. The London School of Economics and Political Science replied to the allegations on its website, with a statement that confirmed it had in fact awarded Tsai a Ph.D. in Law back in 1984.

    President Tsai's dissertation has been a focus of debate for nearly half a year. At long last, LSE has issued a statement.

    In a statement posted to its website on Oct. 8, the school said it had received many queries about Tsai's academic status. It said the records of the university confirm that Tsai had been awarded a doctorate in law in 1984.

    Lin Fei-fan
    LSE alumnus
    This issue has smoldered on and on. Now even the university has had to come out with an explanation. I feel enough is enough. There is no need to keep spinning in circles over this matter.

    LSE was established in 1895. In 1990, it became a member institution of the University of London. Up until 2008, the University of London issued all LSE degrees, including the doctorate of President Tsai. At a recent press conference, the Presidential Office released Tsai's doctoral dissertation as well as evidence that she passed her oral exams.

    Tseng Ming-chung
    KMT lawmaker
    We will respect their statement. But we do wonder this about President Tsai Ing-wen. Assuming that there are no problems with the Ph.D. and no problems with the dissertation, why is that she did not come forth with an announcement in the first instance?

    Cheng Yun-peng
    DPP lawmaker
    You people who are regarded as intellectuals, or as thought leaders in politics. Don't run your mouth when you have no evidence.

    Since May, players in Taiwan politics and academia have clashed over whether Tsai graduated and whether she had completed a dissertation. Now LSE has issued its own statement, which may or may not settle the matter once and for all.
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    為蔡背書! 倫敦政經學院:博士學位頒授無誤




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