School head questioned in relation to fire-swallowing course (2009/10/23)
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    School head questioned in relation to fire-swallowing course (2009/10/23)

    Prosecutors in Tainan brought the head of International Mind Research Institute Lu Ya-ling 盧雅玲 in for questioning on Thursday evening. The institute came under attack after parents complained that it endangered students by forcing them to swallow fire. On Friday morning Lu spoke to the media to defend herself, saying that the parents knew about the course content beforehand.

    Tainan prosecutors gathered box after box of evidence from the International Mind Research Institute in Tainan. The head of the institute, Lu Ya-ling, was brought in for questioning on Thursday evening.

    Lee Ching-wen
    Tainan District Prosecutors’ Office
    Currently we’re investigating whether to bring charges of coercion, harm, fraud or something else. There’s suspicion that a crime was committed, but there’s still no need for detention. We let the suspect out on bail, and are still awaiting further word from the judge, said Tainan District Prosecutors’ Office Spokeswoman Lee Ching-wen.

    After being questioned, on Friday morning Lu held a press conference where she pulled out written evidence to show that parents had approved of the fire swallowing course.

    Lu Ya-ling
    Mind Research Institute
    I swear to God, every parent signed the papers, and they’re all very clear. The student information was all written by you. You were all satisfied. Why is it that now you say you’re unsatisfied and want a refund? said Lu.

    The purpose of us coming here isn’t because we want the Mind Research Institute to issue a refund, said this parent. Rather we hope that the institute doesn’t harm other children and parents.

    The institute has said that it will await the result of the investigation. In the meantime it has already been shut down by the Tainan City government Education Bureau for operating without a license.
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    [[台南地檢署襄閱主任檢察官 李靜文]]
    犯罪嫌疑還是有 但還沒有羈押必要


    [[麥得心智負責人 盧雅玲]]
    我對天發誓 每個家長都有簽到
    而且他們都很清楚 資料是你們寫的啊
    你們很滿意啊 為什麼現在說不滿意要退費呢



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