Claim made that The Economist corrected Taiwan translation of “bumbler” (2012/11/20)
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    Claim made that The Economist corrected Taiwan translation of “bumbler” (2012/11/20)

    The hottest word of the week is easily “bumbler,” after The Economist used it to describe President Ma Ying-jeou. Taiwan’s representative office in the United Kingdom even claims the London-based newspaper sent it a letter to give the proper meaning. But opposition lawmakers doubt such a letter exists.

    It’s the apparent insult that won’t die. The Economist published an article titled “Ma the bumbler,” and some Taiwanese media translated “bumbler” as “stupid.” Members of the Ma administration took offense. Taiwan’s representative office to the United Kingdom even wrote a letter in protest. The office claims the newspaper’s Asia editor responded.

    According to Taiwan’s representative office, Dominic Ziegler said Taiwanese media mistranslated the word “bumbler.” Apparently Ziegler said “stupid” is a major mistranslation and a better description would be akin to hesitate. But not everyone believes such a letter exists.

    Gao Jyh-peng
    DPP Legislator
    I have never heard of such a respected media organization explaining its articles like this. Would they really explain how their English should be translated into Chinese? It has to be the representative office in the United Kingdom trying to take credit. If this letter is real, I want the office to produce it.

    Wu Yu-sheng
    KMT Legislator
    Since The Economist gave this explanation, we should respect its original intent. It gave us the proper tone. Therefore, you could say it never meant to insult our country’s leader.

    Judging from The Economist website, one thing is certain: the commotion stemming from the article in Taiwan has made “Ma the bumbler” one of the most read, most commented on stories of the week.

    中文 Chinese  

    英國《經濟學人》日前評論馬英九總統「bumbler」,引發爭議,這本雜誌的亞洲版主編齊格勒(Dominic Ziegler)今天回函給我國駐英代表處說,「bumbler」,一字是被台灣媒體誤譯為「笨蛋」,事實上,這個字絕無侮辱意味,民進黨立委倒是質疑,到底有沒有這封信。

    最新一期的經濟學人,以"Ma the bumbler"當標題,報導馬總統,被台灣媒體翻譯成"馬總統是笨蛋",讓馬政府內部大地震,我國駐英代表沈呂巡還投書到雜誌抗議,終於,這本雜誌的的亞洲版主編回函說。


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