Politicians, analysts comment on Soong’s election impact (2011/11/01)
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    Politicians, analysts comment on Soong’s election impact (2011/11/01)

    James Soong is the most influential of the third-party candidates for January’s election, but it’s unclear which major party he’ll siphon more votes from. We asked some politicians and commentators what they think.

    The 2012 poll has moved one step closer to becoming a three-horse race.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    DPP Presidential Candidate
    We feel that Chairman Soong is a respectable opponent. He is also a strong, competitive opponent.

    Tsai Huang-liang
    DPP Legislator
    It’s not the case that the DPP will benefit from the pan-blue vote being split by James Soong. The reality is that the anti-Ma Ying-jeou vote will be split. This won’t help Tsai Ing-wen get elected at all.

    Wang Jin-pyng
    Legislative Speaker
    It’s hard to say without doing a statistical analysis. Generally speaking of course it will have some effect.

    Shen Fu-hsiung (Oct. 31)
    Political Commentator
    When the votes are counted on Jan. 14, I predict that Chairman Soong won’t have more than 380,000 votes.

    Li Chien-nan (Oct. 31)
    Political Commentator
    If Soong joins the poll and doesn’t get at least 1 ? million votes, it means that I’m not qualified as an analyst. I will lock myself up and study for three years without going on any programs during that time.

    Whether Soong gets 380,000 votes, 1 ? million, or some other number, Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ing-wen won’t take his impact on the election lightly.

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