Tsai launches production of MIT submarines (2020/11/24)
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    Tsai launches production of MIT submarines (2020/11/24)

    Taiwan has kicked off the production of domestically made submarines. President Tsai Ingwen was joined by top defense officials at a launch ceremony in Kaohsiung on Tuesday. Taiwan has long wanted to update its aging submarine force, but it’s been unable to buy them abroad due to Chinese obstruction. Now, after four years of preparation, Taiwan is ready to build its own submarine, which is scheduled for completion in 2024.

    Yang Kai-an
    FTV reporter
    Construction on the submarine manufacturing facility started last year in May. One and a half years later, the plant is finished. Today President Tsai is here at CSBC Corporation to preside over a ceremony to launch submarine production.

    Taiwan’s indigenous submarine program kicked off at the end of 2016. Three stages have been completed: plant construction, trial production, and securing contracts for primary and secondary equipment. President Tsai announced the start of sub construction on Tuesday, wearing a submarine-themed mask befitting the occasion.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    Peace depends on national defense. A strong national defense requires not only a courageous military, but also robust military equipment. Over these past few years, we’ve seen the accelerated mass production of Tuo Chiang-class corvettes and the maiden flight of our Brave Eagle indigenous advanced jet trainer. Today, we’re starting construction on indigenous defense submarines. These all go to show the people of Taiwan that we’re becoming stronger day by day in our quest for self-reliance in defense.

    The program’s first submarine is slated to start sea trials in 2025. Reports previously claimed the U.S. had yet to issue export permits for two key components: an integrated combat system and a digital sonar system. Taiwan’s Navy rejected the reports in a statement on Sunday, saying a deal was finalized and approved, and that construction would begin on schedule.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    To this day, there are still people who doubt that Taiwan can succeed in building its own submarines. I know that since this project is sensitive, with information that cannot be publicized, we encountered the challenge of disinformation. But today, work is starting on the submarine. That is proof of the real progress we’ve made and the beginning of the end for those rumors.

    Tsai said that despite the hurdles, her team pressed ahead with the program, showing the world Taiwan’s determination to defend its sovereignty.
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    潛艦國造正式啟動 蔡總統高雄主持開工典禮



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