Popular entertainer Feng Fei-fei dead at 59 (2012/02/13)
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    Popular entertainer Feng Fei-fei dead at 59 (2012/02/13)

    While news of Whitney Houston’s death spread around the world, local music fans were shocked to learn that one of their most beloved performers also died. Like Houston, Feng Fei-fei was best known for her incredible voice. She passed away early last month, but the news remained a tightly-guarded secret until today.

    Taiwanese pop singer Feng Fei-fei was rumored to have died from lung cancer last month. Today, a lawyer appointed by her held a press conference to announce the news.

    Jiang Yan-wei
    Feng Fei-fei’s Lawyer
    After an exam, it was found that her terminal stage lung cancer had spread to her vocal cords. Therefore, her exceptional sound began to deteriorate on Jan. 1 of this year, and on Jan. 3 at 3:19 in the morning she passed away in the hospital.

    Low-key in nature, Feng Fei-Fei wanted news of her death to not be released until after the Lunar New Year, so her fans wouldn’t be upset during the holiday. News of her death was released by her lawyer.

    Last June, Feng Fei-fei was to host her first concert of songs in Taiwanese at the Taipei Arena. Problems with her voice led to the cancellation of the concert, and it was later learned that her terminal stage lung cancer had spread to her throat.

    Jiang Yan-wei
    Feng Fei-fei’s Lawyer
    She made it clear that she did not want to bother everyone by having us hold a memorial concert.

    In 1974, Feng Fei Fei’s popularity spread all the way to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. She was a multi-talented performed, joining a number of variety shows throughout her career.
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    [[鳳飛飛法律顧問 江燕偉]]
    “檢查發現後 原來是因為 有肺癌末期已經擴散到 影響到聲帶 所以聲音才會異常 到今年的一月一號病情又惡化 所以在一月三號凌晨三點19分 就病逝在醫院裡面”



    [[鳳飛飛法律顧問 江燕偉]]
    “對於紀念音樂會這一件事情 鳳姐也有交代 她說叫我們不要辦這個打擾大家”

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